We offer Gun Dog training for those clients that want a nice hunting partner that can mark simple marks on land and water:

  • Be steady to voice and shot.
  • Retrieve and deliver to hand.
  • Dogs will be exposed to birds
  • Learn blind skills and manners
  • Travel in kennels to and from the field.
  • Will complete CC and FF.
  • Depending on the time of year and season, they will have been exposed to hunting.

This is a basic outline. We will discuss your needs and wishes for your gun dog when they begin training. Dogs that have not had obedience training first will have to go through our StormRyder Kennels obedience program.

Occasionally we may have a Gun Dog for sale.
We try to have a couple available at the beginning of dove season.

$750 per month

dog sitting by man holding a firearm | StormRyder Kennels Dog Training