How long will my dog be in training?2023-02-08T23:32:27-05:00

Each dog learns at a different pace. We work through patience and attrition. Some dogs will advance in different parts of training at different speeds.

As a general outline:

  • Obedience Training takes approximately six to eight weeks depending on each dog.
  • Gun Dog Training takes approximately six months.
  • Advanced Hunt Test Training takes approximately four more months depending on the level of advanced training desired. The more advanced the training the more time is invested.
Can I visit and or train with my dog?2023-02-08T23:32:47-05:00


Both are encouraged. You don’t have to train with your dog to come and visit your dog.

What documents does my dog need before coming for training?2023-02-08T23:33:04-05:00
  1. All dogs must have current vaccinations including the Bordetella virus vaccine (Kennel Cough)
  2. A current negative intestinal parasite check / exam
  3. Heartworm and flea / tick preventative
  4. All documentation must be on vet stationary
What do I need to bring with my dog?2023-02-08T23:33:16-05:00
  1. Collar
  2. Health Records
  3. We feed Purina Pro Plan and feed is included in the monthly fee. If you wish your dog to eat a different feed, you will need to bring that with you at the time of drop off.
Does my dog have to stay at the kennel for the duration of training?2023-02-08T23:33:38-05:00

There are different times in the training that your dog will need to stay with us at StormRyder Kennels and many opportunities for your dog to go home for weekend or longer visits.

We can go over these options in detail to optimize your dogs training.

What is the cost for Dog Training?2023-02-08T23:37:50-05:00

$750 per month.

How long have you been training dogs?2023-02-08T23:32:06-05:00

Harry & Beverly Pradon have trained dogs since 1981.

Obedience training at StormRyder Kennels Dog Training
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